Sunday, August 26, 2007

Greece on Fire & How to help the animals

If you spot animals, give them water from buckets but don't feed animals you are not really familiar with, e.g. deers. Not all food is suitable for herbivors. Best to contact the local Forest Protection Agencies (Δασαρχείο) and/or local animal welfare societies like WWF, Anima etc. especially if the animal appears injured.

For Attica:
Forest Protection - Dasarxeio Parnithas tel. no. 210-2434061-4
ANIMA tel. no. 210-9510075

For other regions consult the pages:

Κατά τα άλλα, και εννοώ την τραγική κατάντια της χώρας μας, αναρωτιέμαι:

Where is the help from UNESCO to save our monuments from the disaster?

Where is the help from the EU?

A handful of planes IS NOT enough. WE NEED SOLDIERS to help us put the fires under control. We need SPECIAL FORCES, we need HUNDREDS of people. If we were bloody Kuwait and the petrol stations were on fire you'd run to help us, you international hypocrites.

Where are the f****ing immigrants who live in our country and eat our bread? Where are the Nigerians who burnt the centre of Thessaloniki down a few days ago because one of their illegal immigrants THOUGHT he was being chased by the police and essentially committed suicide? Where are the Turks and Pakistani Muslims? the Albanians and the rest of the Eastern Europeans? Did you see any of them helping the poor villagers to save their houses? THEY FLED like the f****ng rats leave the boat which is about to sink. All I see on the news are poor old ladies and men trying to fight the fires with hose pipes for God's sake.



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