Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flight to Freedom...

Πήρα πάλι σήμερα ένα e-mail, ξενόγλωσσο αυτή τη φορά:

Look, here is a bird I found lying on the hot sidewalk last year.
I raised him until he was full grown
(which only takes three weeks I discovered).
I made my entire bathroom into a bird cage for him. *giggle*.
And the first time I opened the window he flew away,
through the membrane into the "universe of birds"
and I never saw him again.

And I cried, of course.

Η ΒΙΩΣΙΜΗ ΑΝΑΠΤΥΞΗ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΜΟΣ Sustainable Development is the Real Global Challenge

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AfoviaHappiness said...

Όαση φιλοξενίας αυτές οι ιστορίες!