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Iceland still denies crater shielding to prevent Europe's choking from deadly volcanic gases, as happened in 1783

 To prevent ANY war, just show the Damoclean sword above Earth: the extinction possibility if we don't prevent world blackout

Tunguska 1908 - Apophis 2029 

The volcanic winters of 536, 1600, 1783, 1809-1820 AD had consequences on wars, famine and volcanic toxins epidemic, due to global cooling by the sun light screening...

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The shelterers are deceived, but who will tell them?

Possible volcanic winter, bunkers are useless, Cambridge proposes the global solution!

The volcanoes vote every day and their vote is also determined by US!


We live the countdown to a global blackout or its prevention

PLEASE, find someone to show them the Damoclean sword of (PREVENTABLE) extinction!

Mundial & the other arenas: wasting the ending fuels will become a boomerang

WHO will inform influentials to lead the extinction prevention? 

Global blackout prevention or extinction:  in 37 languages: DOWNLOAD from

No 'analyst' takes into account neither the end of fuel nor the global blackout and extinction prevention.

In 1983 C. Sagan used the extinction prevention argument in his teleconference (at the end of the post) and succeeded in world nuclear war prevention!
Today we can use the same argument for international truce and global blackout > extinction prevention!


with laser-plasma Earth Shield



 QUESTION: As fuels end and global reforestation hasn't started yet, how will the 1,000 nuclear reactors will be decommissioned during the next decades???

 What??? The increasing, unprevented, toxic volcanic clouding cover increases diseases?

Yet, indifferent for the prevention of a new electro-volcanic glacial 
Arctic Scientist at Russian Academy of Sciences declares: ‘We will inevitably transition to an unfavorable cold’ period around 2030

 There is not much time left for global blackout prevention, since magma is boiling, an undetected asteroid may explode over a continent and a solar flare may knock out the vulnerable grid

 Nuclear Fallout Shelters Were (and Will) Never Going to Work 

 NO doomsday film mentions neither  the 1300 reactors' explosion nor the preventive solution

Sellafield: 'bottomless pit of hell, money and despair' at Europe’s most toxic nuclear site

Sellafield nuclear site workers claim 'toxic culture' of bullying, sexual harassment and drugs could put safety at risk


Self-destructive adventurers are convincing politicians of supposedly 'green' radioactivity (while the magma is boiling ominously) and prevent annihilation prevention - we must stop them urgently!

Who will tell the politicians that if they keep listening to the scoundrels who do not want to prevent a volcanic winter, humanity will also explode with unpredictable consequences?
Volcanoes Helped Violent Revolts Erupt 
 "We have time to disconnect the power grid in anticipation of a solar storm, but we will not alert humanity"

 Three Studies Confirm Local Volcanism Is Melting Provisionally  West Antarctic Glaciers, Not Global Warming 

NEW All-Time Cold Record in 2023 for Western Antarctica’s Byrd Station. August 1983: -42.5 C August 1981 -43.0 C August 1978: -43.7 C September 1986: -44.7 C August 2023: -45.54 C

fox rabies-infected fears only the Damoclean sword


If we don't find an influential person for Earth Shield soon, some lunatic may program computers to cause an annihilating blackout in Europe or the US!!!...

Quake warning system" in Mexico since 1991, and now in Peru-China


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