Saturday, October 15, 2022

Το ισχυρότερο επιχείρημα για ΔΙΕΘΝΗ ΕΚΕΧΕΙΡΙΑ και ΕΥΗΜΕΡΙΑ: ΑΠΟΤΡΟΠΗ παγκόσμιου μπλακάουτ και χάους!



WHO will inform influentials to lead the extinction prevention? 

Global blackout prevention or extinction:  in 37 languages: DOWNLOAD from

No 'analyst' takes into account neither the end of fuel nor the global blackout and extinction prevention.

In 1983 C. Sagan used the extinction prevention argument in his teleconference (at the end of the post) and succeeded in world nuclear war prevention!
Today we can use the same argument for international truce and global blackout > extinction prevention!



 QUESTION: As fuels end and global reforestation hasn't started yet, how will the 1,000 nuclear reactors will be decommissioned during the next decades???


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