Friday, August 1, 2014

H Washington Post ΠΡΟΤΕΙΝΕΙ την η/μ ΑΣΠΙΔΑ ΜΑΣ για προστασία Γης-ανθρωπότητας από ηλεκτρικές υπερ-καταιγίδες!

"Extreme solar storms spark a need for innovation".
 As NASA just announced, a massive solar storm similar to the one in 2012 could wipe out GPS, satellite communication, the power grid, the Internet – just about anything that would be affected by a sufficiently large direct electromagnetic blast from the sun [including nuclear plants]. One thing that could be done now is to launch a competition to attract the best ideas from the scientific community, similar to what NASA does with its Innovative Advanced Concepts program. It’s been noticed that, in the event of extreme solar activity, the Earth’s magnetosphere adjusts in response to the CMEs from the sun. Maybe that system could be exploited or augmented by man-made means to create a shield that powers up or powers down anytime NASA’s early-warning system detects unusual activity.